Selling to an engaged couple is different!

Selling to an engaged couple is different than selling to any other type of customer. The couple generally does not have a complete grasp of what they need, how much it costs, or where to begin. Most importantly, they don’t know you from your competition.

What do they do?

The couple has money to spend and a very short time frame in which to make literally hundreds of decisions. So, what do they do? They go to wedding shows, read bridal magazines, do online research, and ask around for referrals. Suddenly the couple has lots of choices.

How do you gain credibility?

How do you quickly gain credibility with the couple who needs what you sell but doesn’t know you from your competitors? It’s simple, you BUY credibility. You buy credibility, and the currency with which you buy it is repetition. You buy credibility through repetition in your wedding marketing. Here’s how it works: The couple meets you at a bridal show, then they find your literature among the things they collected at the show, then they see your ad in a bridal magazine, then they receive an email or a postcard from you, then they do a Google search and find your web site, then they read your blog, and then they get referred to you from another company. They see you everywhere, and because they see you everywhere, they presume that you must be established, you must be doing a whole lot of weddings and pleasing a whole lot of couples. You must be credible. They now want to find out more about you.

The only way that this works

The only way to create this repetition is to establish a diverse marketing plan. If you’re only advertising in magazines, only doing wedding shows, or putting all of your energies into developing your social media presence, you’re missing out on the opportunity to build credibility through repetition. You must advertise your business in multiple ways. The more times the prospective customer sees your message, the more chances you have to hit their hot button, to build credibility with them, and get them to do business with you.

Uniform branding is key

This strategy only works if the prospective customer knows that they are in the right place every time they see your advertising, and you achieve this by consistent branding. You need a logo, color palate, design elements, and a copy style that carry across everything. Your ads should look like your brochure, which should look like your website, which should look like your wedding show display. Every element of your marketing should have a consistent look and theme.

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